Savoir Faire
Savoir Faire
A former kitchen designer, jewelry designer and vegetarian restaurateur lends her aesthetic to fashion blogging. My name is Gloria Moore. I live in New Orleans. I am ardent about healthy eating, the creative process in a multitude of genres, and more ardent about Jesus the  world's greatest  creative genius.
" For those who like to flaunt their foie gras, their Ferragamos and their Ferraris, and those who don't. "
 People read your fashion statement long before they know you.  Make your statement  loud and  clear, even if it's beige and white. Make your statement:  intelligent, refined elegant and sophsticated.
This is the place to continue your ride on the Jimmy Choo choo train, perk up your Prada panache and get your intel on Chanel.   Redefine your style , update your wardrobe, dress outside of the box and still look